" Color's "

One definition for the word Pan-o-ply is ( A wide-ranging vast array or display of something ), I think           that fits My Poodle Family Perfectly!


Welcome to Panoply! I hope you enjoy the website. I am so blessed to have these little ones in my life, as part of my family. Each one are precious to me. It is my Joy to raise their Pup's, so to provide You with a loving companion to bring Love, Joy and Comfort into your lives!

                                         My Toy Poodle Color's are;                                                                  Black, Brown, Red and Apricot. 

" Brown's "

" Red's "

" Panoply's "

" Apricots "

" And coming soon; Miniature Poodle's  "

" Black's "

                                      They are all " AKC "  My Toy's have Champion pedigrees!

" Panoply's Toy Poodle's "

Some Of Panoply's Adopted


" AKC Toy Poodle's, Standard Poodle's  "


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  " Panoply Poodle's "

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