" Panoply's Bragging Rights "

                      " Scooter "

" Panoply's Fire in the Sky "

  Blaze is my Tiny little Apricot Boy, he has lot's of Champions in is pedigree. He weighs just over 4 1/2  lbs and is 9" tall. 


" Panoply's Some like it Hot! "

                      " Hottie"

                      " Stich "



" Toy Boy's "

 This is Scooter, He is Champion sired . He is from Black/Brown  Bloodlines. Scooter has 36 Champions in his 5 generation pedigree. He weighs 6 lbs and is 10" tall. He has a wonderful sweet temperament.  

" Panoply's The Stone Was Rolled Away "

  Boone is a Handsome little Jet Black boy,  he weighs 5 1/2 lbs,  and is around 10" tall. He has lot's of Champions in his pedigree. Boone has a confident out going personality. Sweet as can be!  

Hottie is my gorgious little dark Red Boy. He weighs 5 1/2

lbs and is 10" tall.  He has a wonderful personality and   does the Cha Cha Cha! His picture is coming Soon


" Panoply's Sunset Blaze "

" Panoply Poodle's "

       Toy Boy's 

      Stich is as sweet as he looks!

   He weighs 5 1/4 lbs and is 10" tall.

      He give hug's and is so loving.


" Panoply Poodle's "

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                      " Blaze"


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