" Stich "

" The Toy Boy's "

" Panoply's And God Remembered Noah "              

Noah is a 53 Lb. Red and white Parti Factor-Tuxedo Boy.  He has had his genetic testing and is clear. He produces Beautiful  Red and White Tuxedo/Parti and Abstract Pup's.

" Noah "        

 Proudly Introducing the newest    member of the Panoply Family                       " Bo "

" Panoply's Sunset Blaze "

" Panoply's Fire in the Sky "

      Stich is as sweet as he looks!

   He weighs 5 1/4 lbs. and is 10" tall.

      He give hug's and is so loving.


  Blaze is my Tiny little Apricot Boy, he has lot's of Champions in is pedigree. He weighs just over 5  lbs and is 9" tall. 


   Cass is a Stunning little Jet Black boy who has lots and lots of Champions in his AKC Pedigree. I look forward to his furture pup's.   

 Tuff Flirt is a Handsome AKC Sire, He weighs 50 lbs and is 23" tall. He produces Dark Red to Mahogany Red pups.  Tuff's had testing and is Clear. His Hips score is in the 90's! . Tuff has a wonderful temperament, and is a sweet, sweet boy!

 Denali is a precious little 3 1/2 lb Red baby boy who produces precious little Red's Apricots and Phantoms. He is full of personality and kisses. Thank you Sandi Savage for this little heart throb!  


  Boone is a Handsome little Jet Black boy,  he weighs 5 1/2 lbs. and is around 10" tall. He has lot's of Champions in his pedigree. Boone has a confident out going personality. Sweet as can be!  

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                      " Blaze"

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" Panoply's Midnight Casanova "

" Panoply Poodle's "

" Panoply Poodle's "

 Handsome Daddy's 

" Denali "

 " Panoply's Bragging Rights "

                      " Casanova "

" Darla's Red Albert's Such A Flirt "              

" Panoply's Red Flash Lighting "

" Flash "        

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" Boone "

" Bo's Flaming Ember CSR "

"  Tuff  "

" Panoply's Miniature Sire "